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The Fathers of the Affiliation PDF Print E-mail
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Hermes and Hermeticism PDF Print E-mail
 The origin of Hermeticism is lost in the night of times. Some myths give it a divine origin, placing it in the "in illo tempore" in which God taught Adam, the First Man, through Raziel, the Angel of Mysteries. Others, more poetic, say that in previous times the celestial beings fell in the love with the beautiful women who inhabited the Earth, thus betraying, in the alcove, the divine secret of the works of Nature. There are still people who believe that it began with the teachings of Hermes Trimegistus, the mythical Egyptian sage. 
The Circle of Hermes PDF Print E-mail
The Circle of Hermes, core promoter of the Hermes Research Society, was founded by students of Hermeticism in 1992 in Lisbon, thus culminating a preparatory work of two decades, under the inspiration of the Fathers of the Affiliation, incorporating members from various backgrounds and nationalities, and aims to continue the Great Teaching, in terms of today's world, and as a practice of direct transmission.

Despite occasionally holding public activities (conferences, courses, seminars), the Circle - which develops its internal work in working groups – does not resort to proselytism or to any type of doctrinary disclosure, because it does not want to make believe he is the sole depositary of a "transcendental truth" nor of an "original" system of self-knowledge, meditation, contemplation and self-fulfillment nor of any other practice or knowledge of the same kind.
The Circle, like other schools of direct transmission, develops practical Work on Perception according to the perennial orientation of the Affiliation of the Ancient.

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 The Hermes Research Society does not pursue lucrative goals and has as its main objective to encourage and promote social, cultural and educational activities around a holistic concept of nature and transpersonal development of man and society.

 For this purpose, the Society seeks to establish new relationships between spiritualities, knowledges, philosophies and arts, both old and modern, making use of a model that incorporates jointly the universe, nature and the individual.

 To achieve these objectives, the Hermes research Society uses the most varied means of research, study, dissemination and communication.
Declaration of Principles PDF Print E-mail
  Taking into account that the human being, whatever his national, social and cultural backgrounds are, carries, albeit not always conscious, the same aspirations in relation to self-knowledge, to individuation and to transpersonality, the Hermes Research Society acknowledges that the essence of all spiritualities and respective practices, as long as they remain linked to an authentic traditional affiliation, are an heritage of Mankind. As such, they should be unconditionally and widely shared in a perspective of frank dialogue and encounter, whenever possible free of any sectarian and dogmatic demonstrations.